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S Bell

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  • S Bell
  • S Bell
  • S Bell
  • S Bell

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"Bells have an inherent power. They have captivated me since my Great-Grandmother gave me some of her Swiss cowbells before she died. Since those first gifts, which still hang on my bell wall, my collection has grown as I’ve traveled the world. I’ve brought back duffle bags full of bells from my travels in India, finding it hard to resist the beautiful bells that are woven into the fabric of daily life there. I’ve bought mask-shaped wooden bells in Nairobi and I’ve traded bells with members of the Massai tribe, who wanted my Casio keyboard so badly they went into the field and cut off a number of cold-forged iron goat bells with a machete. I’ve watched JCR cowbells being made by hand in the Bronx and I’ve seen Paolo Soleri’s bronze bells being poured at Arcosanti. I love the sounds, shapes, forms, textures, and patinas of these instruments. Bells can sound an alarm, mark the passing of time, save a boxer from his opponent, help herd animals, punctuate a wedding or act as a portal to transcendent states of consciousness. Sound and vibration have incredible power; the power to heal, the power to move people and an ability to awaken neglected or forgotten parts of our humanity.

These bells that I have produced over the past two years are my exploration of some of these themes. The overtones that they produce are complex and rich, and when played in concert they are sometimes consonant, sometimes dissonant. They are not tuned to a traditional scale, they ask you to listen and explore the relationship between them, other instruments and the player. These bells are a joy to play and a source of constant wonder for me. Working in bronze is intense and difficult, but the end product of the process still has a mysterious quality. How does it do that? How do all of these complex sounds exist in this simple vessel form? It’s that mystery that will keep me making and loving bells for many years to come." - Elliot Bergman

Material: Bronze


Diameter: 4 7/8"
Height: 1 3/8"

Manufacture Date: 2014

Bells by Elliot Bergman are also available in small and large sets at a discounted rate. 

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